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Sleep Apnea & PAP Treatment

Obstructive sleep apnea is a syndrome that causes people to stop breathing momentarily while sleeping. Those with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome generally have narrow throats. As muscles relax during regular sleep, the throat becomes even narrower, causing loud snoring. In extreme cases, the throat can even become completely blocked, preventing air from entering the lungs.

The time between breaths is called an apnea, which can last for up to 10 seconds. This often causes the person to wake up as they try to catch their breath. However, patients usually don’t remember waking up and sleep apnea can go untreated for some time, until a spouse or other person witnesses the apneas. Sleep apnea can cause serious problems such as hypertension, arrhythmia, heart disease and extreme drowsiness.

The good news? Sleep apnea is a fully treatable disease and can be successfully treated by using Auto-PAP or BiPAP therapy and in some cases surgery. An Auto-PAP, or automatic positive airway pressure device, generates pressurized air that is non-invasively directed through the nasal passages to the lungs for proper ventilation during sleep therapy. A BiPAP, bi-level positive airway pressure device, may be used for patients who are having difficulty with continuous pressure. The bi-level technology aids in inhalation and exhalation, making breathing more comfortable for the sleeping patient. Physicians may prescribe BiPAP for severe airway obstruction and for patients that are unable to tolerate Auto-PAP therapy.


Oxygen Therapy

Sleep Management also provides oxygen therapy as a respiratory service. The home model concentrator may be prescribed with or without sleep therapy, depending on the patient's diagnosis. Our certified respiratory therapists are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to deliver in-home equipment or to address concerns and issues of patients and family members.


Respiratory Support & Services

Sleep Management has a service utilizing the latest generation of respiratory support equipment to bring hospital quality care to your home. We prevent costly hospital re-admission by our highly trained network of respiratory therapists working with your physician to monitor and adjust the equipment so you obtain optimum results. Then we stay in touch with our patients, in case adjustments need to be made. In short, we provide a new critical layer of first line support to maximize your health outcome. Due to such positive improvements in outcomes, we have expanded quickly into Arkansas, Mississippi, and Kentucky from our home base in Louisiana.


Sleep Management

At Sleep Management we’re committed to providing quality patient care and durable medical equipment to patients suffering from sleep apnea. We offer home respiratory assessments for patients through private overnight monitoring services. This process begins with a prescription from a doctor requesting an overnight oximetry evaluation. Once the "sleep data" is retrieved from the monitor, a physician will determine if the patient will be a candidate for a sleep study. If the patient is required to undergo sleep therapy, then Sleep Management is available to provide the equipment for in-home use.

For compliance with state and federal regulatory agencies, Sleep Management utilizes third-party independent testing facilities for patient monitoring services. Sleep Management accepts Medicare benefits and is also a provider for Louisiana Medicaid, as well as most private insurance payers.

Take control of your apnea; don't let your apnea control you.
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